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Dermaplane Training v MILLION DOLLAR Facial Training

Are you looking to become Dermaplane trained?

Have you considered our MILLION DOLLAR Facial Training Course?

The MILLION DOLLAR Facial Training Course covers all of the standard Dermaplane Training elements, plus much more.  Students will also become trained in Microneedling, lymphatic drainage massage, hyaluronic acid face masks as well as Platinum Tech status.

All Platinum Technicians are listed on our website for customer looking for their local technician!

Dermaplane Training MILLION DOLLAR Facial Training
£495+VAT £720+VAT
Dermaplane Training Dermaplane Training
Theory Theory
Practical Practical
Hygiene Hygiene
Microneedle Training
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask
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What our Students Said

I honestly cannot rate Jenna Unwin and her training / service highly enough. Since training in the MILLION DOLLAR Facial back in August (which incorporates Dermaplaning and Microneedling) I feel I have found a professional establishment, with a MD who genuinely cares about each and every one of her trainees and just oozes integrity.

The training does not stop once you have left, there are fantastic forums and round the clock care via email and telephone. A wide range of continual development courses are available, along with an affordable product range to retail alongside treatments. You will never look back once you training with Dermaplane UK Aesthetics, only forward to a future full of success.

Jodi Holland
Fantastic training coordinated by Jenna, customer service is outstanding & always replies swiftly, very helpful!
Claire Rendle
Really enjoyed my training last month with Jenna and her team. Very helpful throughout, excellent post training advice and support too. Thanks ladies.
Sarah Allen
Completed my dermaplane training yesterday and absolutely loved it! The results are amazing! Can’t wait to get started. Thanks to Jenna and Anne-Marie x
Kelly Smith
Just completed dermaplane training with Jenna. Great informative day. Can’t wait to get this treatment up and running in my clinic. Thanks Jenna and team xx
Adele Kilner
Really enjoyed the Dermaplaning training and looking at enrolling on further training asap. Lovely team very thorough training course, felt confident carrying out the procedure when I got home.
Tanya-Jane Steer
Great training course today, really pleased with what I learned and I can’t wait to start offering treatments to my clients.
Laura Roberts
Completed my training today and it was absolutely fab! Felt at ease with the training as it was a small group so therefore we got all the help and advice needed. Very helpful and very lovely girls. Would definitely recommend xx Thanks again xx
Chalotte Jones
Thank you Jenna and team. Received an excellent training package of dermaplaning, skin peel and microneedling. Both course material and practical training sessions were well compiled, thoroughly covering the entire process. Additionally provided excellent help with administration required to perform these treatments. The ongoing support is very reassuring. I would highly recommend as a training provider.
Paula Price
I am a semi permanent make up technician and I wanted to add more to my list of treatments. When I contacted Dermaplane UK they immediately got back to me there customer service is outstanding. I have been on the Dermaplaning course and went on to also do the skin needling course. The team at Dermaplane UK are amazing I left feeling confident and able to do these treatments on my clients straight away. The after care from Dermaplane UK is fantastic if ever I have a question or I’m not sure about something Jenna is there to help me. I’m already planning my next visit to the academy to do plasma training.
Tia Brown
Done 3 courses now with Jenna and team…and absolutely loved them. The team is so helpful from the minute I enquiried about the training and even when you are back home months down the line there is always someone to answer questions and help you with any problems. Highly recommend ⭐️
I had considered training in dermaplaning for several months however due to time constraints, a busy business, still working in a clinical role and family life attending training can be difficult….when I saw Dermaplane UK offered an online package I signed up immediately!!
Every detail from the manual to the step by step videos was perfect and has given me the confidence to offer this treatment in my clinic….thanks Jenna for the support
Katrina Read
2 months into my business and can’t believe how much it’s kicked off and clients are loving their results! Wish I had done my training sooner!!
Gary Norman
I am so please I did this course, had so much interest I’m almost fully booked for the next two weeks. Thank you Jenna Unwin & Sabrina-Marie Gonzales
Lea Anne

I travelled from Dubai to train with Dermaplane UK, my experience was amazing the course was brilliant. My trainer Nutan was incredible her knowledge was fantastic, and I left feeling very confident in what I was doing.

Thanks Again Dermaplane UK I’m loving doing the treatment and using your amazing products !!

Naomi-Rose Bell

Just a little shout out to Dermaplane Uk. Jenna Unwin and Derma Contour Marie Hughes for always being so reliable with everything. They go above and beyond for me always and they never fail to help you out business wise. Not many people who actually care about helping you in this industry it’s totally dog eat dog, but their girl code is totally still intact! Just wanted to say a little thank you. Appreciate our little meeting last week too and for all your input from both of you in trying to help my visions come true!

Jodi Lundstram

Jenna and Team, Thank you so much for all your support over the last 18 months. Without you I would have not been where I am today. I have enjoyed every single course with you, and been made to feel so welcome, that is amazing in itself.

Kerry Butcher

I’d just like to pass on my gratitude to all of the team at DermaplaneUK, their unwavering dedication and support make them a joy to both train and work with.
The network created by Jenna and the entire team is unrivalled and I am proud to be a part of that and am looking forward to everything coming.
The products, materials and courses are phenomenal! They continue to grow and evolve at such a rate to keep us all on our toes and ahead of the game. Just what we need in our industry!!!
Thank you for everything

Paula McDonald

I have been blown away from the level of support I have recieved after training in million dollar facial, there is nothing my trainer Paula or the team at MDF can do more to assist, educate, support and encourage me in my business, they are the most professional supportive people ove ever had the pleasure to deal with and they all genuinely want you do well.
Thankyou so so much to jenna, her trainers and amazing team

Angela Patterson

Deborah Egan. Thank you Jenna and nutan for a great training day , it really makes a huge difference to a training course when the trainer is a people’s person , nutan you took the time to get to know every one of us and made us all feel so confident before we started , you have an amazing skill to make everyone feel special. Thank you so much for taking so much time with us and making sure we all left with the confidence to Get out there and be the best that we can be xxxx thank you Deborah for being a great model for me and giving me a great treatment.

Melissa Manuael

Training with Dermaplane UK has massively boosted my business and my confidence! I mostly did lashes, nails and makeup and wanted to add in facials. I wanted results driven facials though and this is exactly what I got! Being able to offer treatments for all different skin concerns and a range of different budgets has really helped me offer something fresh to my existing clients and branch out to new clients. I’m nearly full with appointments and have added some extra days to help meet the demand. I am now looking into adding more skincare treatments to keep me at the top of my game. I remember when I first left my full time job I was told I would never make the kind of money I made there by doing beauty treatments. I’m now making even more than I made before and Skincare has played a massive part in that 💕 I love this before and after, the glow is literally unreal 😍

Kirstie nicole

I love it. I saw it and took the course straight away. Sucker for skin treatments 😂. I’m trained in microneedling but still went ahead with the full MDF. It’s wonderful. Results literally double what I used to produce so kuch happier clients and happier me too 💪🏆

Thu le

Yes the branding stands out it is so unique, That itself draws in a lot of attention. I also think Million Dollar is consistent throughout due to the results and the thorough 10 step protocol. I have received a massive influx of customers down to this treatment. I’ve even considered selling some of my face machines because this has taken over by storm lol. So happy that I took the leap to join as a platinum tech! I have no regrets what so ever. As quite a new beauty business this has boosted my confidence massively and I can’t thank you enough for the ongoing support received. And not just by trainers but also the trainees. I feel like I am apart of a whole new family! Everyone helping each other out!! This is exactly what my beauty business stands for. I absolutely love the unity and best of all results 🙌🏽✨🔥😂


I started my facial career in July 2017 with dermaplaning & then MDF last August – what can I say? I love the products, the company & the results so much that I put myself through the process to become a trainer! I’m so proud now to be able to spread the Dermaplane UK love throughout Devon & Cornwall & treat clients on a daily basis. The trust in my knowledge from both students & clients makes my day.
After 20 years in sales I have found my self employed niche in lashes & skin – this is my passion & now my life! ❤❤❤

Claire cawse

Million Dollar training has completely turned my business around and given me a fresh motivation to succeed.

I was predominantly doing SPMU and skin needling but trained in the Million Dollar, with no clue just how far it would take me!

From the moment I spoke to Jenna to book the training I just knew what a great decision it was, and ended the call feeling inspired and enthused.

The training was detailed, fun and professional, and my group was like a little family straight away. The forum grew from that day and maintained its friendly, professional status, and Jenna has strived to be on hand and provide innovative training, advice, products and motivation at all hours of the day.

Never could I have imagined just how well my business would grow. To be able to offer these type of treatments and products and reach out to a broader client base on a more medical following is just a dream come true ❤

Free marketing and downloadable consultation forms and pre/post advice forms are unheard of, as is constant free advice on a forum, most are usually just other techs bragging about their work 🤣

My life and career have literally changed since the day I had that conversation with Jenna Unwin and it has been a bumpy road. For that I will be eternally grateful. You are a wonderful woman ❤

Jodi Holland

I trained nearly a year ago, the week I trained was also the same week that I found out my mum had just a few months to live.
I didn’t realise at the time how much that training day would change my life . I live in a small fishing town in Devon and I didn’t know if they were ready for a fantastic, cutting edge treatment. But they definitely were!
My client base grew so quickly and before long I had a waiting list to come and see me.
I swear to God on the days that I found hardest with Mum, my work kept me going. There is something so therapeutic about scraping off that skin!
Mum passed away in September, and when I was ready to go back to work I had all of my clients and more waiting for me.
In January I trained in MDF and in March I trained in peels, again my little sleepy fishing town was there and waiting for these new treatments!
I have a 3 week waiting list these days, people travel from the nearest cities to see me, which blows my mind.
I love my job, I love my clients, and I love Dermaplane UK for changing my life 💗💗

Carrie norris

I love it it’s the best facial ever invented so many salons in and around where I live are trying to compile a facial that’s like it (using different techniques ) NOTHING COMPARES TO THIS!
The support u guys offer is incredible it’s like one big family!!!!

Maggie Patterson

So amazing to read so many lush comments. I teach in Bristol and I feel so proud to be a part of dermaplane uk/million dollar. I love seeing all the students I trained thrive in what they love. So many exciting things to come! 🥰

✨Million dollar is taking over the world ✨💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Hayley louise

I love everything about this treatment! The more I have done the more I want to do! My clients who have had it have been so amazed by the results that they have booked in again for another or for a course. The feeling when you pass them the mirror afterwards🥰 it’s a game changer with what it does and the instant results! Thankyou Jenna Unwin Derma Contour Marie Hughes for bringing this wonderful treatment and products to us all💗xxx

Amy pierce

Jenna Unwin you are an incredible woman with a vision and we are so grateful for all the love and support that you and your team give us continuously. I for one am glad to be a part of this 👏👏💕 xxxx

Rebekah brain

So I trained with yourselves in October. I don’t want to give you a sob story but I have twin babies a year before and couldn’t afford to go back to my normal job. Literally jobless , being given an eviction notice by my landlord because he wanted to sell I literally was in such a stressful place. . I had trained in lashes during being pregnant and literally used this money to live. I loaned some money to do the Million dollar course and I’m not going to lie I actually felt so so nervous and stressed on the day thinking what if this doesn’t even take off and I’ll be in more trouble.
Honestly best thing I’ve ever done. I’m due to move house soon to something amazing and I honestly would not be able to afford it without this in my business. Not only that but I don’t have any social time at all and this support group actually keeps me sane … you ladies are amazing and actually inspire me to think bigger and better for myself. ♥ the treatments absolutely are top of the skin care game and nothing will change that 💕xx

Molly Jordan

I just wanted to say…I have only recently trained with you guys. My training was in London I think about a month ago, but I have honestly been blown away with the amount of support you get with things like advertising ideas, photo’s we can share, questions being answered, and all of your posts about new things and the things we get even now being a Platinum Therapist. Its honestly amazing and I hope you never change as I am sure I speak for a lot of other people who have trained with you. Your company is amazing and I am so pleased I picked you to train with! Thank you so much!

Siana Marie Wiles, Your Content Goes Here

Jenna Unwin you are watching , guiding and inspiring thousands of us … our businesses are growing at a fast pace….our businesses are rocketing !!

You had the belief and strength to follow your dream, nurture your ideas and bring them to reality.
That takes guts , strength, determination at any time in life but do that , to achieve your success in our current economic climate is nothing more than astounding
5 stars 🌟 & a standing ovation from me !

To be a good training provider there are many key elements
To name but a few …
1. Industry knowledge
2. Openness and forward thinking
3. A commitment to student experience
4.Passion for learning
5. Stays in touch with trends and developments
6. Supportive Network
7. Marketing Development

You exceed my expectations in all of the above and do it with so much passion and integrity.

The “MILLION DOLLAR” Family has been born…
Everyone supports each other without egos and jealousy.
I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 22 years and no other provider can come close.

Watch out 2020❤

Thank you so much for all the love and support.

Lisa Smales, Your Content Goes Here

Wow! What can I say.. Has Dermaplane UK helped me and my business? Undoubtedly yes!! 😍
I am so pleased and will be forever grateful that I came across this amazing training company 14 months ago!
After having previously trained in Dermaplaning with a different company.. I wasnt satisfied and wanted more understanding and in depth knowledge of this fantastic treatment. This is the moment I stumbled upon Dermaplane UK and the Million Dollar Facial!
The consept drew me in straight away! I am so pleased to say, I haven’t looked back since!!! 😍
The support, knowledge and training you get is incredible. I have never known anything quite like it! From the fantastic and for some clients, life changing results! To the funky, eye-catching graphics that are available to use across all social media platforms.
The support of the Million Dollar Family really is incredible, there is always someone there to help you out and encourage you in your work.
Every week this company seems to grow.. Its been a pleasure to watch the growth and hard work of Jenna and her team.
This company definitely inspires me to push myself do and be the best I can!
I cannot wait to see what the future holds! 💖
Thank you so much Dermaplane UK 🥰

Katrina Mantyk, Your Content Goes Here

BOOM !!! That’s litrally what happened to my buisness when I made the best decision ever to train with Dermaplain Uk in the MILLION DOLLAR FACIAL, I’ve been a beautician over 20 years I’ve even been a trainer in beauty for a few of them but after moving back from living abroad I realized that the beauty industry had grown and not in a good way, nail shops and beauty salons litrally all over and prices were getting lower and lower , I needed to invest in something to set me apart from the rest, I don’t do price wars I charge my worth, so the decision to train with dermaplain was made. I can simply say it changed my buisness concept, the training with Lyndsey was fantastic, the products and aftercare advice were amazing but most importantly the Treatment i trained in was exactly what it promised it would be
A million dollar facial
I’m not looking back I never will I’m keeping going with this fantastic company it’s amazing owner Jenna and the fabulous team they have around them, they are always giving not just in advise , but advertising , new ideas, not to mention those ICE GLOBES need I say more, I’m proud to say I am a platinum million dollar tech and I’m going to grow with and alongside this company for many years to come .
Thankyou for changing my buisness for the better . If your reading this and your thinking about joining the million dollar concept then stop reading now and join . We will welcome you into our world as we do every million dollar tech xxx
Lots of love and here’s to a successful career xxx

Chrissy Gibson, Your Content Goes Here
Your Content Goes Here
Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here
Hello lovely, i seen your post about want to hear our experiences of training for MDF & i have to say i cant wait to do the rest of my training with you!
I trained with Rachel k=Kidd back in February & was extremely nervous as i have learning disability & really do struggle to understand theory when explained to me & also in big groups as it makes me nervous & confused but Racheal was an absolutely angel on how she adapted the training to my requirements. i have never been with a company that has been so understanding & able to break down each sections into smaller portions to make it more easier to soak in. The training was so professional but also very relaxing, making it more of a fun educational training day then it just being pen to paper then a bit of practical then done!
it was so Thorough & really extremely professional! especially with the support group you get after your training your never left in the dark!
My training has changed my career & now skin is more of my love & seeing the results plus happy clients make me so happy that i know the training i was provided has given me the access to show clients & myself that you can learn to love your skin again without drastic changes. I have been a nail technician for 5 years & my training totally changed my love. Thank you for making someone who struggles with eduction now have a new skill that i can’t wait to see what the future has hold for me.

Thank you for producing a company that is adapted to all disabilities & difficulties. Extremely hard to come by!

Happy Customer

A big thank you to everyone at the Million Dollar Team. I’ve been that therapist for the past probably 18 months thinking, do I really need to train with them when i’ve already trained in these treatments? Surely I can just adapt my own thing.. so I can hold my hands up and say I am wrong for leaving it so long. I took the advanced course whilst in lockdown, my first online course so naturally I was a little sceptical because I questioned whether or not I would be able to grasp the same as training in person. I purchased my training and was given access to an online portal – wow – now not only do you receive training guides, videos, references but you are given an essential business marketing pack and I can say from all training providers elsewhere in over 8 years I have not received anything like this. Every single treatment, product they have a reference and marketing material for you to use on your social media which is crucial at a time like this when our only contact with client’s is social media.

The videos were brill and its great that you can refer back to them section by section. For a technophobe like myself also, after a little apprehension it was really easy to navigate through and work at your own pace.

For those of you thinking I’ve already trained what is the point? It’s a whole new concept with marketing and brand that is already well known and loved to help you sell. I would say just having a refresher and a different outlook on how to perform these treatments for the best outcomes, are what will give you your passion back to perform these treatments and also to realise your worth as a therapist.

Post Training – once you have completed your training, you are then invited to a facebook group – if you’re like me, i’m on all kinds of groups on facebook, but this one is truly amazing, everyone teams together to share and give support to help one another’s businesses grow with fantastic ideas and guidance when needed. Again, lots of new references and marketing material being constantly provided. I would go as far as saying it is not just a social group but a wellbeing and business mentorship which is great to be part of.

Retail – admittedly im absolutely bobbings at retail, I have a total fear, but given the current circumstances I have a salon that I want to be able to return to, so I thought give it a whirl, I set up an online store and with all the information provided added my Million Dollar items.. my first day I sold £250 worth of sales, this may not seem like much but given the uncertainty that lock down has brought so far it’s given a little reassurance that we can get through this and whilst client’s begin to love the products at home, with little incentives such as gift vouchers/money off on future bookings it gives client’s a drive to book and experience the Million Dollar Facial when we are finally given the opportunity to re-open.

So i’d like to thank Jenna, because quite frankly i’ve messaged her probably 300x over questioning the course for such a long time now, most training providers i’d of imagined would have not bothered replying, but you treated me with the same professional and friendly etiquette as we’d spoken for the first time.

I’m glad to be part of the Million Dollar Team and look forward to continuing training and building my business with retail items and services.

Thank you for all you are doing at a time for most feels like our businesses have been taken from us.


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