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DERMAPLANE UK AESTHETICS are a training provider accredited by Open College Network(OCN)Credit4Learning, an Accrediting Body with 30 years experience in education.

OCNCredit4Learning has accredited all the courses provided by Dermaplane Uk Aesthetics and mapped them to their respective level on the qualifications and credit framework (QCF). All courses comply with HEE guidelines. The levels awarded to each DERMAPLANE UK course are shown on the web pages detailing the aesthetic courses offered.

Here is some more information on the HEE guidelines.

Health Education England (HEE) has produced a standard of treatments across our industry and for the first time unregulated is becoming more regulated.

Laws are changing and standards are being set in the industry to regulate the education and practice of many skin rejuvination treatments such as dermaplaning, skin Needling and skin Peeling.

It is in the Interest of Dermaplane Uk International that we adhere to the HEE guidelines to ensure a high standard of practice in the industry.

Though not mandatory yet, insurance companies and local authorities have the right to enforce this qualification at any time and some already have this in place.

You now have the option to take your skillset to the next level.

Dermaplane UK International have worked within the standards set, to bring you courses of gold standard. They are thoroughly checked and given accreditation , giving you a full Level 3 and 4 qualification in dermaplaning, peels, skin needling, anatomy and physiology, million dollar facial or basic skin training.

Stand out in the Industry , set a gold standard for your clients and Invest in yourself and your future.

By attending any of these courses, you will have a Qualification accredited by a fully established accrediting body who works closely with Licencing Authority’s and insurers and has both a national and international presence

Your questions answered:

Q.) Is it equivalent to an NVQ?
A.) This is not an NVQ but a numbering system set up by the government. It is a Level “3 or 4 ” HEE mirroring the guidelines set.

Q.) So who is going to stop me practicing?
A.) Local councils and insurance companies. They already have these measures in place in some parts of the UK.

Q.) So I can practice without a level 3 or 4 ?
A.) yes you can in principle. You would have to find a council/insurance that has not implemented the new guidelines yet or will do in the near future

If you have any questions, you can contact us.